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TotalBrand+TotalDesign is a full service brand consultancy with more than 25 years of experience helping companies establish brands and ensure the full capability of a brand is delivered to its diverse market through precise marketing strategies.
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We offer the following services: Brand Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Brand Naming, Brand Identity, Branding Workshops, Brand Communication, Digital Branding, Brand Management, Brand Licensing and Brand Valuation. Combining these approaches with stategic planning, we build innovative brand value and achieve the best total brand management synergy.
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During times of economic depression, it is inevitable that consumer patterns change. In order for Taiwan's department store industry to attract customers, they must bring in popular restaurants. We are currently consulting Mr. Onion, a steakhouse restaurant chain, which is an excellent example. Department stores competing to win must accept the indisputable fact that food economics is now in power. This year, among the many brands TotalBrand+TotalDesign has been consulting for, the food related brands include Mr. Onion, Woo Ricebox, Julie's Biscuits, as well as tea and honey brands, which are also related to food. more news